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Nikita Saras Deshpande is a cheerful, affable, and interactive person. She believes in the inherent worth of people. Nikita believes that the most important factor in making change is the ability to trust each other. She is enthusiastic and ever-ready to face challenges as a Social worker. She believes that with patience and calm, one can overcome any difficulty. She emanates confidence and is a good team leader, and trainer, and has been an NGO consultant in the developmental field for more than 12 years.

Nikita loves acting in plays, hosting shows, and reading. Children are mesmerized by her songs and the way she role-plays and explains a topic in life skill education sessions.

Nikita is a Founding Member and Trustee of the Sumantra organization. Additionally, she is handling the responsibility as a Secretary of our organization.



B.A. in Psychology


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