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Sumantra Center has the professional expertise to diagnose the causes of poor school performance. We conduct psycho-educational assessments of such students and provide remedial help. We have taken up an education project called Akshar-Maitri.

Akshar-Maitri is a targeted education program for scholastically backward underprivileged children. We provide special coaching to overcome learning difficulties. Our counseling builds the child's capacity to cope with studies normally. Our remedial teaching helps to avoid school dropouts and behavior problems among children. At present, we run two learning centers at Sutardara, Jaibhavani Nagar, and four schools in the Kothrud area.


We create a friendly environment in the world of learning. Our efforts are to build a child’s capacity to cope with their studies effectively.

The student in whom a learning gap is noticed by teachers or parents may have:

  • Difficulty in Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking, Reasoning, and Mathematics

  • A good level of intelligence

  • Difficulty with memory recall

  • Sudden mood changes, behavioral problems

  • Difficulty processing information as compared to other children

  • Trouble learning the alphabet, phonetic sounds in pronunciation, sequence of words in a sentence

  • Inability to concentrate for extended periods


We at The Sumantra Center help the child to believe that they are not failures and that they should not be treated as if they are stubborn or lazy.

We focus on a child’s strengths like the power of their imagination, taste for artistic pursuits, and ability at a group discussion. We encourage them to understand that a lapse in memory is not a defect but a normal difficulty to be tackled.


We study children using expert methods to get the most accurate picture of their learning gaps. We study the school and home environment in which the child moves. We become their friends to help build confidence by playing along and demonstrating ways to cope with reading and writing. Our remedial programs are designed to close the gap between what a student knows and what he is expected to know. These programs are taught by professionals with special training.

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