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Remedial Teachers Training Program

We conduct remedial teachers training program for freshers as well as parents. We have started giving on line training programs for interested persons all over India. We train teachers to make innovative teaching aids.

Parent Support Group

Our parent support group helps them to work through feelings of denial, anger, powerlessness and disappointment following the diagnosis of learning difficulties. Sharing concerns helps parents unburden. The parent meetings are addressed by experts.Our parent support group is open for all parents who are facing similar issues. For joining the group Contact us.

Play Therapy

Play therapy is a specialized treatment in which therapist play with the child through structured play, observe, diagnose and provide interventions.The observations are used to help them deal with their emotional, mental and behavioural issues. The therapist uses a range of techniques according to the child's emotional and psychological needs.

Career Guidance
 Self awareness workshops

Good career guidance helps inspire pupils towards further study and enables them to make informed decisions whenever choices are open to them.It helps them to understand enough about the world of work.We give career assessment test and one to one personal counseling session is provided to the student.

 Self awareness workshops for identifying opportunities for personal and professional  growth.

Basic and advance level courses are conducted.

On line courses have started.

Akshar Maitri book in marathi gives basic information regarding learning difficulties.


Our future plan is to bring out a newsletter twice a year.

Newsletter would carry informative article for parents and teachers.It will also publish contribution from community children.

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