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Anita Ajay Ghatnekar is a dedicated and passionate educator who has been helping the physically and mentally challenged children in the underprivileged communities in Pune. She is also spearheading her organization called CHETANA Rehabilitation Centre, Seva Sahyog.

After working in the corporate field for 27 years, Anita chose to reroute from her job. She found her Ikigai and volunteered to work for the rehabilitation of physically challenged children in their own homes. Her mission is to help children in distress due to disabilities.


She is adventurous and versatile by nature. She explores various new avenues like promoting Vishuddham products and promoting environmental awareness. She blogs on Facebook regularly. Anita has an ever-smiling countenance and believes there is therapeutic value in humor. She has been a trustee of Sumantra Organization since 2020. She is committed to providing and implementing dynamic solutions to the ongoing objectives of our charitable organization.



MSc in Statistics

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